Selling Your Comic Books on eBay – Avoiding Big Mistake #1

The biggest mistake just about every comic book collector makes is that they don’t properly use the best system ever invented for buying selling and collecting comics. And that’s…eBay!

Now here’s what is very VALUABLE to understand about eBay…if you are selling your comics. Many of the people selling on eBay really don’t really know what they are doing. It’s true.

They don’t have know how to get maximum bids for the items they sell. Or they don’t know how to recognize under-priced comics on eBay that they can easily pick up to add to their comic collection or to re-sell at higher profits.

There are 6 big mistakes that comic collectors and dealers make when selling their comics on eBay, Here is the first big mistake…


In order for comic buyers browsing eBay to even FIND the comic books you are selling on eBay you are going to have to place your them in the proper category of eBay’s site. eBay is HUGE. So in order for people to be able to find your “needle in a haystack” the first step is to make sure you list your item in the proper category.

Are you selling a Marvel Comic? a DC comic? a Silver Age comic? a large collection of comics? a small batch of comics? Comics that are junk? Think about the person who is most likely to be interested in the comics you’re selling. From their perspective, what eBay category would they look at FIRST to locate what you’re selling. In most cases it will be very clear.

However, if you are in doubt…do a search….FIND SIMILAR ITEMS TO YOURS. Find out what categories other people have listed their comics under and see if they are getting a lot of bids and are selling for prices that you’d be happy to sell yours for. Then follow their lead and list your item under the same category. It’s just that easy!

To summarize, one of the biggest MISTAKES comic sellers make on eBay make is listing their item in the wrong category. Let other people show you what category will bring top dollar. Do your homework. Don’t let this happen to you.

How to Sell Your E-book – (or other information product) – Through Quickie Seminars

I’ve been selling my own self-published information products (mainly e-books) online for the past 3 years. Is it profitable? Definitely.

But as any seasoned information marketer will vouch, it takes time to build up your name recognition online. You’ll have to spend considerable effort to develop word-of-mouth web site traffic. It’s rare that you start off making $1,000 a day.

But offline it’s an entirely different story.

In the real world, when people meet face-to-face, a 10-minute conversation with a prospect can lead to a $1,000 sale.

I know this from first-hand experience. You see I’ve been in that position several times. How? I’m an author who uses Quickie Seminars to sell my information products.

What is a Quickie Seminar you ask?

It’s a 3-hour talk that you give based around the topic of your information product. If you sell DVD’s that teach people how to paint murals, your Quickie Seminar would in turn offer similar informational content.

Quickie Seminars are delightful tools for infopreneurs because they can provide you with a same day pay day.

You give a Quickie Seminar on Tuesday, you can take home $200- $5,000 on Tuesday.

Best of all, your competition is slight, if any.

How One Stay-at-Home Mom Uses Quickie Seminars to Make a Years Worth of Salary in 20 Days

I once attended a 3-hour seminar given by a writer named Stacy Banner. Stacy only managed to herd her audience into $1,100 in information product sales that night. However this was just one night from her 10-day Quickie Seminar tour.

She confided in me that by the end of her tour she expects to bring home $15,000-$20,000. In fact, she does these seminars twice a year. They allow her to be a stay-at-home mom, while only working a measly 20 days out of the year.

Take Advantage of the Quickie Seminar Circuit by Following These 4 Steps…

1) Choose a topic that you’ve created information products around.

Almost any topic will do. Arts, photography, real estate, business, travel, writing, personal development, spirituality, computers, the Internet, take your pick.

2) Pitch your talk to seminar centers around the US that are always looking for new experts. These companies provide the room, the audience, and they will actively promote your seminar. Plus you’ll get paid for giving the seminar.

The most popular seminar center is The Learning Annex.

The Learning Annex is one of the largest producers of seminars, lectures, classes and workshops throughout the United States. They have centers in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, and Minneapolis. Altogether they produce more than 8,000 events a year.

If you’d like to suggest a seminar to The Learning Annex, e-mail ([email protected]) a course description (no more than 1 page) outlining the topic you would like to teach, the title of the class, and the city you would like to teach in. Include a current resume or background information illustrating your qualifications.

You will be contacted within 4-6 weeks if they’re interested.

3) Present the seminar and sell your information products to the audience.

4) Happily take your profits home, or move on to the next city.

Whoa! Take Off Those Rose Colored Sunglasses…

As easy as all of this sounds, there are some major snafus that unseasoned quickie seminar initiates commit.

Some infopreneurs do a hard sell. They talk about their book during the entire seminar, constantly referencing pages, and telling the audience, “Well I won’t talk about that right now… but it is in my book.” This makes audience members feel like they MUST buy your book. That’s no good!

Audience members come for helpful, solid information. Give them what they cam for, and they’ll bless you with sales. No hard sell is required.

Other infopreneurs don’t accept credit cards. Big mistake. One thing you’ll quickly discover is that most people want to pay by credit card. This is especially true if you’re selling more than one item.

And still others situate their sales table on a less frequently traveled path.

Place your products on a table within the path of the bathroom, water cooler, or the exit. The more people are required to pass your stuff, the more likely they are to stop, look and buy.

So what are you waiting for?

This is one marketing and business segment that isn’t oversaturated with a ton of competitors. Get started today and YOU can completely dominate your niche on the Quickie Seminar circuit.

But the only way to win this game is by getting out there and playing it.

Marketing Tips That Sell Your E-Books

The challenge that is faced by most online business people is marketing. One of the business promotion tips that I have benefited from, has been to always use different marketing tools. The internet is rich with great marketing strategies and options. It is from these marketing tools that some individuals have succeeded to promote their online business and links.

When it comes to selling e-books it can prove to be quite tough since there are many people involved in the same. But there are great marketing strategies that will help you convince customers to purchase your e-books. One way of marketing is by announcing through a press release. Send emails to all your contacts and include special links to you e-book or website on your email signature.

Include information about your e-book on ezine articles or online newsletters, postcards and bookmarks containing your book link. Also set a budget where you can start a pay per click advertising campaign. It would even be advisable to add your bookstore links on internet classifieds.

Take advantage of technology to announce about your e-book on your phone voice-mail recording. Add your e-book to your phone-script, your business sales letters and your mailing packages. The internet has great discussion forums where you can introduce your book. As people discuss your book you can create rapport with potential clients and hence convince them to purchase your e-book.

You can use your friends and families members to recommend the e-book to their associates and friends. The value of continues online communicating cannot be over emphasized.