Selling Your E-Book On Your Website – Part 1

My students often ask me how to set up a SYSTEM TO SELL EBOOKS ONLINE. Most of them want to set up a page with many links to other articles, free information, author bio, seminar schedules, and so forth. This is the wrong type of website to make when you want to sell your ebook. With all those links you will confused your reader. And we all know, a confused mind never buys.

So what’s the best type of website to sell your ebook?

At first you want to create a web page that only focuses on this one e-book. A one-page website is the best method of MARKETING INFORMATION PRODUCTS. Meaning, this web page will only have one page and the only link on this page is going to be the “Buy it” button that leads people to your shopping cart so that you can collect their money.

Why only one page with one button? If you give people too many choices, then you’re going to dilute what you’re trying to do. If you go to my web site you’re going to find a number of products there. But my big time products, my most potent products each have their own website and there’s only one link on these pages that goes to my shopping cart.

This web page needs to include certain things. First, you need a killer title, something that grabs your attention. Remember that people on the internet have the attention span of a gnat. So you don’t want to ramble here, you don’t want to mess around. You want to convince them that they have a problem and you have their answer.

Get their attention quickly with something like, “I was shocked that the average wedding in 2005 cost thirty thousand dollars.” Your visitors will start thinking to themselves, “Whoa, I didn’t know it cost that much. I better read on to see if there’s something I can do about this.”

Your title, or headline is the most important piece of your website. You will either keep your visitors reading so you can sell your e-book. Or, you’ll lose them and they will be off to the next site.

When you develop your website, spend most of your time writing your attention-grabbing headline. It will pay off in the long run. Part 2 will discuss the rest of your website and what important distinction you must make when you describe your product to your visitors.

Selling Your E-Book Online – Part 2

The single page website is the best system to sell ebooks online as I discussed earlier. after you create your terrific, attention-getting headline for this web page, it’s time to look at other aspects of marketing information products.

An important note in writing copy for your website is list features but you sell benefits. The features of your e-book are that it is 67 pages long, that it contains interviews with caterers, pastors, wedding coordinators, and florists, etc. Or that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

The benefits of your e-book are that your wedding will be beautiful, that you will not spend money needlessly, that you’ll save money, that you’ll be the envy of all your friends, that your wedding will be as unique as you are.

Why do I make a difference between the features and benefits of an e-book?

Think of a commercial for a sports car. Do they ever talk about ratio, horse power, bucket seats, CD players, under coating, all that stuff? No, those are features. Car commercials sell benefits. You usually see a middle-age man looking very successful, even smug, and he’s just burning down the highway. Of course the highway’s always winding along a mountain road down the coast. They’re not selling the car, they’re selling how you will feel in the car. They’re selling how you will look in the car. The only thing missing in those commercials is the man driving up to his high school reunion and getting stared at by all the beautiful women that wouldn’t go out with him when he was in high school.

I’m not saying you have to go that far. But I am saying that your website better answer the question, “What’s in it for me? How will this e-book benefit me? How will this course benefit me? How will this video benefit me?” I can show you how to make audio products, but so what? I have to show you how that will benefit you, how it will create passive income, how it will create products, how it will create income stream. So, sell benefits. You can list features, but make sure you sell the benefits to market your information products.

Finally, your website must have some testimonies on your websites. These include people who have been helped out by your e-book. You also need a strong guarantee, so that you feel secure in buying it. If I can’t dunk that basketball in sixty days after reading your basketball e-book, I want my money back. You want a strong guarantee, and of course, you want a “buy it” button to collect the money.

© Copyright 2008 Stephen Beck

E-Book Marketing – Why You Do Not Need A Website To Sell Your E-Book

You do not need a website if you are trying to sell your ebook. Many people believe that a website is a must for any type of internet selling, but this is simply not true. Here are some alternatives to having a website if you have your ebook finished and want to sell it to others online.

  • A blog is one way to promote your ebook over the internet. A blog can be set up quickly and easily and is a good alternative to a website. You can make regular posts to your blog to attract visitors and tell them more about the ebook you want to sell.
  • Using eBay is a great place to sell your ebook. With more than a half million ebook sold every year, eBay reigns supreme when it comes to getting your name out there. You can add a link back to your blog from your About Me page, where you will again show people how and why they should purchase your ebook.
  • You can set up a squeeze page, also referred to as a shy-yes page. These are one page sites that go into great detail about your ebook. These pages are not in favor with the search engines, so you will need to be creative in order to keep people on the page long enough to get them to buy.

These three alternatives to having a website show you how you can easily sell your ebook. I encourage you to learn more about how to get more visitors to your blog or sales page so that you can sell your ebook and make more passive income.