Targeted E-book Income – Tips on How to Better Sell Your E-book

With the present demand of people for e-books, very seldom has an e-book creator been faced with the problem on how he can expedite the selling of his e-book creations. Nonetheless, should you be faced with problems on how you can better sell your e-book online, the following tips and techniques will help you resolve the issue:
 To help facilitate the selling of your e-book, you have to take action in looking for your targeted market where you can sell your e-books to. The common dilemma of many e-book writers is that they are thinking that the e-book made is an item that will fit all types of people, thus sell it to everybody else on the net. This is not correct! Your e-book has its own cluster of clients and you have to go and find this cluster and concentrate on this group if your want it sold.

 Selling an e-book involves sales letter. Sales letters are a powerful means to reach out with your potential clients. However, you have to make sure that you have an equally powerful sales letter content if you want to drive sales on your-book. You have to include on your sales letter a better description on what he e-book is all about so people may have an understanding as to what you are trying to sell. You have to make sure that you incorporate motivating and enticing offers to these targeted clients that they will find difficult to resist.

 Use other online marketing strategies in order to make your e-books visible on the market arena. You can engage into joining web log discussions or have your site optimized by search engines, submit article materials to article directories, and a lot more. This will help your e-book gain more notice and popularity in the internet market.

Selling Your Comic Books on eBay – Avoiding Big Mistake #3

There are 6 big mistakes most comic book seller make when selling their comics on eBay. Here is…


Often when writing up a description of the comics you’re selling, there is a tendency to keep your description brief and too-the-point. That is a big mistake.

It only leaves people to wonder… WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?

When selling your comics it’s important to list all the faults. Don’t hesitate to take the time (and the space) to describe to your prospective buyer exactly what they’re buying.

If your comics have torn pages…say so.

If you comic has been restored…say so.

If that Silver Age comic has a creased spine….say so.

If your collection of Justice League comics are in crummy condition….say so.

Also, say why they are in crummy condition. For example, if you left them in your basement and it was flooded, be honest, let your buyer know.

If you accidentally ripped the cover of the comic trying to remove some tape, say so.

Your potential bidders will appreciate your honesty and feel good about doing business with you. If you don’t say enough about your comics, you will scare away potential bidders. So say as much as possible in your description.

Also, if your comics are 15-20 years old, chances are there is some type of flaw and experienced eBay buyers expect you to tell them what it is. If you don’t, not only do you risk not selling your comics because they won’t believe you…but even worse, if you sell your comics and they are disappointed the negative feedback they give you can kill your chances of having future buyers to trust what you’re selling.

Remember, there are hundreds of comic books for sale, and you have to make the buyer want your comic more than all the others he can choose from. Tell him why he should buy yours. Write your description just like you would tell someone on the phone about the comic. Answer any questions the buyer might have in the listing. If you force the buyer to jump through hoops to find out about your comic they will just go on to the next listing.

Remember, the more you tell…the more you sell.

How to Market and Sell Your Own Book

Once you’ve written and published your book, whether it’s self published with options like Kindle and CreateSpace or published with a traditional publisher, there’s still the matter of actually selling it. Unless you’re a big name, established, author then marketing your book is pretty much down to you. These tips will help you to get the most sales from your new book.

1. Write a good description

Sites like Amazon allow you to write a description for your book. This can be up to 4,000 characters long which is around 500 words. Which is more than enough space to give potential purchasers a flavour of your book and some reasons to buy it. Yet many authors don’t use this space to good effect.

Remember that Amazon’s internal search engine will use this description. And, probably more importantly, so will Google. So use your writing talents to mix in some words that people would likely use when searching for your topic and you should be rewarded.

2. Get reviews

Don’t buy these on sites like Fiverr as that’s not the done thing and could lead to your book being reviewed and even removed from sale.

Instead, ask friends and relatives if they will review the book for you. Ideally having purchased it first as they will then show up as a verified purchaser. Naturally you would offer to reimburse their purchase price.

Or if you live in America, Amazon offers the option of sending your book as a gift.

If you’ve got followers on places like Facebook and Twitter, encourage them to leave reviews about your book.

You could also consider some kind of prize draw (making sure to keep within all the legalities of course) with a printed copy of your book as the prize.

3. Video promotion

YouTube gets lots of views nowadays so it’s natural to consider doing a promotional video for your new book.

You can create the video using your webcam – chances are that it has recording software available or you could almost certainly find a free program that would convert the format your webcam saves its files in to something YouTube will understand.

If you’re camera shy, sites like Fiverr will produce affordable videos that you can use to promote your new book.

4. Send a press release

Writing a press release is different from writing books or articles. But there are plenty of tutorials available online to help you with the format.

In essence, a press release has to appear as though it’s been written by a neutral observer. So if you can easily write in that style you should be home and dry. If not, there are plenty of affordable services that will write a press release for you. Remember to give them as many details as possible and also to give them one or two quotes that they can use in the release.

Once your release is written, do a search online for the various free and paid press release websites. If you’re on a tight budget then there are plenty of free sites that survive on the advertising revenue generated by the traffic their releases attract.